Productivity Boosters Vs. Productivity Inhibitors

The other day I was brainstorming ideas for an article I was writing. I stumbled upon a concept. The idea I had thought up was the difference between “productivity boosters” vs “productivity inhibitors.” Here’s an explanation.

Productivity Boosters

A productivity booster is something that encourages productivity. Some examples could be:

  • Creating a “Second Brain.”
  • Taking advantage of “deep work.”
  • Splitting up your work into manageable pieces.
  • Having a “growth mindset.”
  • Recycling your ideas. Not just using them once and throwing them away.
  • Limiting your time on social media during working hours.
  • Cutting out distractions that affect your productivity (for example, background noise, a cluttered desk etc.).
  • Maintaining a diet that provides adequate energy for the brain (this includes eating healthy foods and staying hydrated).

Productivity Inhibitors

In contrast, a productivity inhibitor is something that negatively affects your productivity. Productivity inhibitors are generally the opposite of productivity boosters. These may be things like:

  • Not taking notes on important topics.
  • Overworking your brain or doing “shallow work.”
  • Taking no breaks or trying to complete all your work in one go.
  • Having a “fixed mindset.”
  • Constantly being distracted by social media or not limiting the time you waste scrolling through your home feed.
  • Working in a “distraction rich environment”. Places with too much noise or a messy workspace for example.
  • Having an unhealthy diet and not keeping your body hydrated.

How To Use This Concept

Granted, this is a simple concept, but when you know how to use it to your advantage it can be very effective for increasing your workflow.

First, sit down and list all the productivity boosters and productivity inhibitors that affect your work situation. Next, decide which boosters you need to add and which inhibitors you need to remove from your life.

Whether it’s limiting the time you spend on social media or splitting up your work into manageable pieces, you will definitely find an improvement in your productivity and workflow.

As always, thanks for reading or listening to this post. And don’t forget to share Focus Weekly with your friends and family.

3 thoughts on “Productivity Boosters Vs. Productivity Inhibitors

  1. I like your idea of a second brain. I would love for you to get into more details about that in the future. This is a nice post!


    1. Thanks for the comment! The idea for a second brain is actually from Tiago Forte. He has a course and a podcast detailing how to create a “second brain”. I would highly recommend both!


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